RPi4 update question

  • I reinstalled 9.2.6 after using 10beta (9.95.1) for a while and now my Raspberry Pi4b (4GB) doesn't boot.
    I formatted the SD card first and then installed LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2.6.img on it with the USB-SD Creator.

    The green light keeps flashing after turning the RPi on, but the screen stays black. If I remove the SD-card, I do get the startup screen (bios) saying 'No SD card detected'.

    Any ideas?

  • You may also try the Raspberry Pi Imager ( Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi ).

    If it's the same issue and you don't have the latest bootloader version installed, you may experience some SD card incompatibilities.

    Then I would try to image Raspberry PI OS to the same SD card and test if it works. If not, try to use USB flash key instead of SD card, this should be more reliable.

    In case RPi OS works, check the bootloader version and if it's obsolete, upgrade to latest as described for instance here.

    Then try to image LE 9.2.6 again (I would not go back anyway...).

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