[S905X] Leelbox MXQ PRO mini

  • Hello,

    first off all: Sorry for my bad english, i am from Germany!
    second: Sorry for my question but i couldnt find specific information for my question

    I have bought this android tv box: MXQ_TV box_PRODUCT_Shenzhen Zhongsijin Trading Company Ltd.

    The android installed is very poor, kodi works but i want to install libreelec on this box, so now my question:

    Is there anyone out there who has the same box and have succesfull installed libreelec? And when yes is there a description how to install libreelec?
    Or can i try a "universal" description based on the s905x chipset?

    thx, for your reply!

  • Hi

    you should try the 7.02.009 release, which is here : LibreELEC

    Your S095X box seems to have 1 Gb of RAM, so you'll need also this file : gxl_p212_1g.dtb

    2 x Mini M8S II S905X 2 Gb/8 Gb @ LibreELEC running from NAND

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  • Hello,

    i have installed LibreELEC on an external sd card and it boots very well on my tv box.

    Now i want to install LibreELEC on the internal storage, and at this moment i have a problem!

    I boot into LibreELEC via SD Card on my android tv box....

    than in the installation guide it says: "connect to your box over SSH" <- thats the problem!

    How can i connect via ssh?

  • If you're on windows, use PuTTY.

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  • Hello,

    thx for the fast reply!

    I know putty and use it always for ssh connections on windows!

    to my problem: it was my mistake! after the first boot via sd card of LibreELEC i couldnt connect via ssh, at the second time it works fine and now LibreELEC is installed on the internal storage of my android tv box!

    many thx for the help and tips in this thread!