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    Good afternoon, I have installed libreelec version 9.95.1, on Raspberry4 and installed tvheadend from libreelec repository but it does not work, I try to access it through a browser and says page not available. so does Oscam. wanted help. Thanks
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  • so, you have installed the tvh server/backend AND the tvh client on the Pi ??

    you have put the Pi's ip address into the clients configuration. ??

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    - I don't know anything about Pi's -

    but shouldn't the Web-IF be reachable without any configuration.

    I slightly remember a request regarding IP-addresses during Wizard run or do I mix things here ?

    Tvheadend might not be started right now after it's installation.

    moons ago I saw some hiccup's with TvH 4.3 regarding this point.

    a disable/enabled cycle under "Add-ons" => "My add-ons" => "Services" => "Tvheadend..." could help or a simple reboot should do the job

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  • Okay resolved. Thank you very much

    Okay resolved. Thank you very much

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