Rpi 4 B Audio Stutter

  • https://wiki.libreelec.tv/support/log-files

    This isn't an issue I'm experiencing (or have heard of from others).

    If this issue only started recently, then confirming the oldest build that has the issue and the newest build that didn't have issue would help narrow it down.

    What is memory size of Pi4? Have you installed any other apps (e.g. docker/torrent client/PVR backend etc?)

    Testing if this occur with a clean install of LE 10.0b2 would be useful (before installing any addons or other changes).

  • I firstly tried with a fresh install of brand I had the problem and after I installed some addons (mainly greek subtitles addons, but I will try a fresh install again in Monday and I will post the debug log , and I must note that this problem is happening with all libreelec niglties and betas that are based on kodi 19