Struggling to acheive HDMI sound (noob) (Xbox tuner now working)

  • OK.
    Will do.

    Can I continue with trying to set up an SSD.
    Now that I know it works.

    I took out the 32GB SSD and put in a 250GB SSD.

    It shows up, then tells me it has successfully uninstalled the drive.

    Well, it tells me that it has successfully installed then uninstalled the drive until the whole thing freezes.

    Can I check how it is meant to be formatted? It seemed fine when formatted as Fat32 but I reformatted it to ext4 because that is what I kept reading (I think) Which is correct please?
    It is attached with a SATA to USB adapter.

    Or, perhaps I put it in wrong as the recording system path.
    If I put that in wrong, would that do the same thing? Make it continuously show and disappear until it freezes?
    Because it no longer shows up, I can't work out how to tell what the name of the drive is.

    Please help me, I just keep going round in circles for hours at a time.

    I have one other thought. Is it possible the adapter is faulty?

    Would that make it appear and disappear?
    while doing this, moving ssd around, a 500GB ssd seems to have died.

  • Grarea Stay sorted. Your initial sound question has been solved. I said you should open new threads now, but you don't. Before the thread becomes a total mishmash, I better close it.

    Flexin' vinyl, jammin' break beats. 8)