TBS5680 DVB-C tuner RPI4 can't recegnize

  • Hi all,

    I have TBS 5680 DVB-C usb tuner with CI slot

    linux tv

    tbs drivers

    My Raspberry PI 4 with fresh LibreELEC OS can't regognize tuner inside Tvheadend control panel. I've changed module drivers to TBS Crazycat's but unfortunately with no luck.

    With my very limited linux skills I can see that device is recognized when I type lsusb via SSH

    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 734c:5680 TBS Technologies China

    During my research I've found that someone used that tuner in the past but the "how to fix" instructions attached to it just tells me nothing. Like I said my linux skills are very poor.

    my research

    Can someone just bring me back to earth and tell me that this won't work or maybe there is some solution ?


  • lsusb blindly shows whatever is attached to the USB bus, it has nothing to do with the kernel loading drivers or usability of the hardware

  • activate crazycat drivers

    unplug the device


    after rebbot wait a minute

    plug in the device

    go to the shell dmesg | paste and paste the link here