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    Hello everybody!

    I have a TBS 5680 DVB-C USB Tuner (link).
    The tuner has worked like a charm in older releases done by you CvH, but after updating to the recent builds it doesnt find the tuner during startup. Dont remember what release i was on before, but it was some release from summer/fall 2016.

    Is there some way to doublecheck if tbs5680 is supported within the driver thats shipped with the 7.95.1 betas?

    Here are dmesg from two of the images i tested with:

    LibreELEC_7.95.1 -

    LibreELEC_7.95.1-CC -

    (When LibreELEC had booted up, i tried to disconnect/connect the USB-tuner. So thats the thingie that shows up last in the dmesg-logs)

    The error says that the storage Path is not found - this is due the LiveBoot. You could do it manually. Just create dvb-drivers.txt in downloads.
    In the dvb-drivers.txt needs to be one of this.

    1. 4.4.7-tbs
    2. 4.4.7-tbs-dvbc
    3. 4.4.7-crazycat
    4. 4.4.7-ljalves-cc
    5. 4.4.7-media_build

    But you have to look that you write this in this file without ANY space character or line ending.

    I just want to report back after my clean LE-installation (of this 1.01 customimage). All went fine but I got the same errormessage as JohnBoyz, the workaround that CvH pasted here did the trick for me (the .txt file was missing).

    I now have everything up and running again. Smooth installation and my
    TBS5680 (usb) worked instantly after installing the Crazycat driver :D