AddOn Chrome - after starting nothing happens

  • Hello, I am using Chrome ( 9.2), libreelec generic x86 9.2.6. All new install.

    No errors during download or installation of the addon but when starting Chrome nothing happens. In the logfile there is a warning: 'cguiwindowmanager - handleaction - ignoring action 107, because topmost modal dialog closing animation is running'.

    A reboot or reinstalling doesn't seem to help. How can I solve this warning to start a browserwindow?

  • I had the same issue. Chrome would work just fine before I turned on auto-update. Afterward, nothing would happen. I tried installing an old version of the addon, but that did not help. It would download Chrome, but then nothing.

    My issue turned out to be the skin. I don't normally run estuary, but sometimes must return to it to adjust settings. Running Chrome under estuary allowed it to pop up its first run screen. After that, I could return to my normal skin.

  • Auto update to Chrome causes flickers, anyone also noticed that ? And trying to come back to 103 doesn't work, I've to uninstall/install it.

    Edit: After several tries, I couldn't come back to 103 or earlier since they didn't run after installed. Only 104 runs but then it doesn't allow me to sign-in and still flickers.

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