Need a Bluetooth Dongle

  • I have two A95X B7N which do not have built in bluetooth. I'd like to buy a pair of USB bluetooth dongles to pair with earbuds for late night watching.

    The only dongle I have is a generic "Bluetooth 2.0 EDR" stick from years ago - it doesn't seem to be recognized, but no great loss.

    Can someone suggest (or provide a link) to an aliexpress/Amazon or other cheap source of working usb bluetooth receivers? Not too concerned about delivery time.

    Amazon has one for $4.99 w/Prime (Xosido) which I can buy, but I'm hoping for something non hit-or-miss.

    Additionally, is there any way to pre-judge what should work and what won't (BT 2.0, BT 5.0 sticks, etc)?

    Thanks much.