Compute Module 4

  • I start playing with a Compute Module 4 with the idea at one time to have my own STB for cable TV (and maybe satellite). For tuner tv a have two choices, xbox tuner or a pcie TBS tuner.

    I install last stable image, it is working (without dts-hd and stuff), it is fine for the moment.

    I need to enable usb, in CM4 is disable by default, I have to add dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host in config.txt.

    It not works, probably because missing the right dtb.

    My question is if there is any plan to add CM4 to the list of Rpi.

    Thank you.

  • Last nightly installed and I test a TBS 6221 on pcie and did not work.

    lpcie did not show something (lspcie: not found)


    LibreELEC:~ # dmesg | grep pcie

    [ 1.289429] brcm-pcie fd500000.pcie: host bridge /scb/[email protected] ranges:

    [ 1.289460] brcm-pcie fd500000.pcie: No bus range found for /scb/[email protected], using [bus 00-ff]

    [ 1.289539] brcm-pcie fd500000.pcie: MEM 0x0600000000..0x063fffffff -> 0x00c0000000

    [ 1.289626] brcm-pcie fd500000.pcie: IB MEM 0x0000000000..0x007fffffff -> 0x0400000000

    [ 1.554809] brcm-pcie fd500000.pcie: link down

    Is an explanation why it did not work?