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    To respond to myself, the issue with scrolling speed was because I had 3 lines in LCD.xml, should be 4.

    Oledproc could be in 3 line configuration, and in this case the display will not show last line. Which is fine.

    Hi LuRu,

    I put aside the project for a while waiting for a green oled. Now it comes and installed.

    I am still looking for the right font to be displayed in a 3 line configuration.

    I have some issues with scrolling, as the speed can not be configured, any value selected is the same speed.

    What can I do?

    To add information, I update to LE 11 and it works fine.

    Changing the fonts was a tentative to improve how a particular oled will show information and how much is visible from some distance.

    I did't think about copyrights, as I download the fonts free from internet.

    I understand your concern so to avoid any problem I will keep for myself any changes which may involve copyright issues.

    As Libreelec use fonts under public license, maybe a connection (symlink?) with the font folder is usefull.

    This is what I have now:


    I will add here some results about tests to be available after vacation, if you prefer we can discuss in private.

    I have a spare Pi3+ and make an install.

    First, normal error like CM4:

    Try to solve rotate error and declare value 0, as it should be. This error removed.

    Next I have server.bind(server_address) error, I resolved by remove server_address and replaced with LOCALHOST, PORT declared as it should be.

    After this XBMC LCDproc connect to Oledproc, but there are errors

    I have no idea about what means these.

    For example,

    ### [XBMC LCDproc] - Connected to LCDd at, Protocol version 0.4 - Geometry 16x4 characters (256x128 pixels, 16x32 pixels per character)

    256x128 should be 256x64?

    What else I did, I add to cmdline.txt this:


    I attach the service file that i have now.


    I propose to use at first dc=pin18 (bcm24) and rst=pin22 (bcm25).

    However, I think an editable conf file, like LCDd.conf is maybe better. Any combination could be there, and any user should do it for himself, considering the board, display and so on.

    I like the interface, but I will do it once and no change later. It will be a minimal interface.

    I know that this approach may change a lot your concept, but think about.

    Thank you


    I did change the file and a different error.