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    Hi there,

    I intend to buy a cheap (very!) S9xx box and modded to add an hd44790 based oled/lcd/vfd and change the case a with more hifi looking one.

    My question is if there is any i2c connection on motherboard. I did one stb with odroid c2 before, I want to do a new one, but cheaper.

    Do somebody have such information?

    Just to add additional information: I have 2 video cards in device, both AMD (included in the processor and HD6450).

    By bios it is setup to start with onboard card, which is connected to AV by hdmi.

    It is possible that this is the problem, that kodi to use a wrong video card and for that reason the message "no display found"?

    I will remove later and re-test.

    I try to rescue an htpc with amd am1 5350 and I have same message:

    ERROR: X11 Error: No Display found

    FATAL: CApplication::Create: Unable to init windowing system

    Fresh new install with 8.2.2.

    kodi log crash attached.

    Earlier I manage to start an old image, I can not say what version was on hdd, just it use kodi 17.0. After update to last Milhouse (#210) it not start, just screen with Libreelec.

    How to solve this?


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    I just find an old htpc by Acer which has wifi issue.

    As far as I know it includes a wifi card by pci. Strange is that on the case it is mention ralink rt3090, but when I install Libreelec it finds rtl8192DE card.

    I do not know the history of the device, however with this driver I have no wifi. I have wired connection but no wifi. With another usb wifi it works, but not with internal.

    Can I do something about?

    dmesg :


    Thank you.

    There are 2 possible issues for you:

    1. Driver hd44780 does not work for SSD1306. It is a different controller with different initialization command.

    You have to find a file compiled for your oled.

    See here as example (not using lcdproc, but still works) Adafruit customer service forums • View topic - 128x32 i2c OLED shows garbage on Odroid-C2, okay on RPi

    2. (Small chance) your driver path still is not good.

    From your command above it seams another instance of LCDd is running (address already in use).

    If you install lcdproc as addon, the correct path is DriverPath=/storage/.kodi/addons/service.lcdd/lib/lcdproc/. And LCDd.conf is on \\ip_adress\Userdata\addon_data\service.lcdd

    Do you use Rpi? Or what?

    You need an oscam compiled for S905 (aarch64) otherwise will not work.

    LE: Replace oscam bin with the one attached.
    Report if works.



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    I try to find old configuration & driver that i use sometime ago, I only find a driver. It may not work.
    I modify your LCDd.conf a little, pin definition and drive path to original, as was installed by lcdproc.
    Check once again the connections, wires and pin definition.

    The driver that you shall use is imonlcd.
    So if you already install lcdproc make the settings to use this driver. To do that go to addon/services/lcdproc and find the driver section.
    You have to install XBMC LCDproc addon and enter setting to use lcdproc.



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    • LCD

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    Do i need to use remote LCDproc-Server? (

    Do that!

    Please check drivers from page I posted above, attached.

    Do you have in LCDd.conf this type of connection?



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    It seam it îs a bug in msi bios vs kernel. I do not go forward as my MB îs dead.

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    There is a solution for msi and AMD which I find it sometime ago here: 3.95.5 AMD richland A8 not booting · Issue #3093 · OpenELEC/ · GitHub.
    I think it was discussed somewhere else here, but i did not bookmark that page.
    I manage to revive my MB (an bios update fails) and clean install LE 7.5.1.

    How to do:

    - Make a flash USB with last LE image.
    - Edit syslinux.cfg to add radeon.dpm=0 at live line and installer line
    - Boot using flash and install LE
    - Boot again using flash and use live
    - As in this moment the hdd is mounted, edit the similar cfg file on the hdd to add same (radeon.dpm=0).
    - Remove the flash and reboot.

    Any version update will work.

    Sorry if this was detailed in other post.

    LE: The solution was posted by #Milhouse here: thread-1814.html?highlight=boot loop

    I try to revive an htpc with AMD athlon 5350 and I proceed to install last beta 7.95.1.
    But at reboot I have only the logo, did not go to kodi.
    Try to access by ssh, not possible, probably ssh is not activated as I remember is one point to do in initial configuration. Same with windows, not find on network (which is wired).
    Tried also live session, same situation.
    There is a way to solve this issue?
    I cannot provide logs.


    I did manage to boot using another AMD GPU and observe errors related to kodi.bin.
    Updated with latest Milhouse #1129 using winscp and now works as it should.

    However, the question remains why live session on usb did not work.

    Tested version 11314 of oscam with emu for x86-64 - see attached.
    To install i use an old service oscam zip file (find it with google) where i replace oscam bin with 11314 release - see attached.

    To make working:
    - uninstall previous oscam
    - install from zip and disable autoupdate in config
    - add newcamd section in oscam.server - by edit the oscam file or web (ip:8888)
    - add user in oscam.user
    - add softcam.key in config location of files
    - in TVH in section CA add information for newcamd
    - restart and should work

    I use this on CVH's image from here: Index of /Test/