RK3318 (Magicsee N5 Nova) WLAN

  • Could you explain more about "dmesg | paste"?

    It's a command you can type in a SSH / terminal session that is connected to your Kodi device.

    And don't add "Need Help!" to your forum thread titles. We try to help everyone here, so shouting like a 6 yr old will not help or speed things up.

  • The dmesg shared shows me that:

    a) This is Linux 4.4 which we stopped all development on some time ago

    b) Nearly every major kernel subsystem shows a catalogue of errors, so the booted device-tree is not an accurate description of the hardware

    c) Including the SDIO subsystem, which the WiFi/BT device is attached to, hence no WLAN

    I don't track Rockchip development closely so I've no idea whether there is a device-tree file upstream for your box, but I would start over with current Linux 5.9 based images, because then codebase is the upstream mainline kernel not the vendor BSP and there's half a chance of someone caring to assist. Old Linux 4.4 images are an archaeology trip .. and we moved on.