Version 9.2.6 freezing on RPI 4B when partymode_autostart is enabled

  • Hello everybody,

    first of all I want to intruduce myself as this is my first post: my name is Juergen and I am from Germany, age is 50+ (:/).

    Three days ago I installed the latest Kodi version on my Pi 4b in order to have some music (Radio) in the kitchen. To make the startup process easier for my wife and the kids I searched for a possibility to autostart a radio station located in my favourites.

    I then found partymode_autostart which perfectly fits my needs. Unfortunately Kodi freezes up completely if partymode_autostart is enabled.

    I litererally need to disconnect the power and reboot it to get it to work again (after reboot I press cancel on the partymode_autostart dialog and everything is fine). Even if I ssh in the Pi and want to reboot from there it won't work.

    Attached is the corresponding logfile. This issue is for me 100% reproduceable.

    It would be great if somebody could shed some light on that or point in some direction to solve this issue.



  • It's not a debug log, but it shows Kodi starting and attempting to open a stream via which fails due to "Temporary failure in name resolution" and the LE settings add-on shows similar errors. I can't see how this is due to partymode, but I can see a general networking error that probably results from Kodi starting before the network is up; so enable "wait for network" in the LE settings add-on (under Network) and see if that resolves the issue?

  • Hello Chewitt,

    ok, wrong logfile. Is there anything else I can provide in order to narrow the issue down. I could of course enable "wait for network" but what kind of logfile would you need then from me?

    I am completely new to Kodi and Linux but I find my way around if you could tell me what you (or anybody else) needs.

    Thanks in advance.



  • I think (in case you haven't done that already) you need to look at Kodi's general log file. In order to do that first activate logging, following instructions in Log file/Easy - Official Kodi Wiki . Then, after it crashes and you reboot, you can find the log file with hopefully some useful info at /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log