DIGI+ PRO not working with PI4B

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with an AOIDE DIGI Pro soundcard (DIGI+ PRo clone card) wich is working fine on pi3B.

    I tested on several OS like volumio, libreelec and raspbian but always the same issue with pi4B.


  • As I already wrote here RE: Should I change to Rpi 4B? contact the Hifiberry folks. Something is off either with your RPi4 or the soundcard.

    I just tested with a plain LibreELEC 9.2.6 installation on a RPi4, plugged in my Hifiberry Digi Pro and it was detected fine.

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  • I have a problem with an AOIDE DIGI Pro soundcard (DIGI+ PRo clone card) wich is working fine on pi3B.

    Thanks for the kodi.log. Your soundcard doesn't appear at the output device list. I think HiassofT is right, and the card is not detected by the kernel.

    Our RPi4B users have no problems to use original HiFiBerry cards. So your problem is that you are using a clone. That's why the HiFiBerry support forum will not help you.

    Your clone is compatible to RPi3B, but incompatible to RPi4B. Buy the original from HiFiBerry, and everything will work.

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  • Indeed, i 'am afraid that's so, even if these cards have same hardware.

    Thanks for all

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  • Maybe you have the ability to update the firmware of the sound card. I'm not familiar with that, try at your own risk.

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  • Ah, sorry, I totally missed that you are not using an original Hifiberry card. In that case you'll have to contact the respective manufacturer of course, he's probably the only one who knows the implementation details about the card.

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  • This is the exact same chip.. I bet they found a way to detect it. Maybe an additional pin is connected to ground somewhere.

    If somebody have both, it is a simple job to measure both devices for differences.

  • I have used most of the HiFi berry products all of them work well. long time back I had got a clones of DIGI pro from aliexpress, unfortunately didn't work.