Control TV with CEC

  • Hello everybody.:)

    I have a question about HDMI-CEC.

    The TV manufacturer I will control is Samsung TV (Anynet+).

    And I want to find a way to control by sending CEC Command to TV.

    During testing, the commands below succeeded.

    -Power on/off (Image View On & Standby)

    -Hdmi input change (Active Source)

    However, the problem that occurs here is that the input is not switched to the tuner built into the TV.

    Also, when it is in the built-in tuner status, there is no response even when sending [Select Digital Service] among CEC commands.

    In other words, it tries to control the TV in an appropriate way through CEC in the following conditions.

    1. When the current status is HDMI1 (or HDMI2) input status. Changed to TV input.

    2. Change the channel when TV is input.

    The site referenced by CEC-COMMAND is CEC-O-Matic(CEC-O-MATIC).

    Thank you. Have a nice day.

  • Play with CEC options at Settings -> System -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC Adapter.

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  • Thanks for answering :)

    But unfortunately, the TV channel still has no response :|

    I think I should try the other way around.:/

    Thanks again. ^^

  • I'm not sure whether I understand the question. When LE is the selected input source of the TV, all CEC commands will stay in LE. You can't control TV functions at that mode.

    If you switch back to TV tuner as your input source, then you should be able to change the TV channel with your RC. Does this work?

    Which LE hardware do you use? Do you use the original RC of your Samsung TV?

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  • I was testing to see if I could control the TV using CEC Command. I'm checking whether LE or CEC-Client is operated with the command combination from CEC-O-Matic.

    For example, when sending the command {10:93:81:08:0B:00:01} to the TV with CEC-Client, I wanted to see if the channel of the TV's built-in tuner was changed to 11-1.

    The interpretation of the command is as follows.

    10 > Recoding->TV

    93 > Select Digital Service

    81 > identified by Channel

    08 > ATSC Generic

    0B > Major Channel 11

    00, 01 > Minor Channel 1

    But there was no response to the TV. :rolleyes:

    If there is another good way, I should try it.

    Thank you for your kindness.:)