Raspberry pii 3 / 4 WiFi dongle recommendation

  • Hi, am struggling with my network so am looking for recommendations for a WiFi dongle that will work on both pii versions 3 & 4 on libre elec.

    Can anyone suggest something please?


  • Sorry, can you give more information on your problem...

    Is the built-in RasPi Wi-Fi not working ?

    Or are you wanting 2 different Wf-Fi networks ? I did this - used the built-in as a Wi-Fi client for while at home, and added a dongle to work as a WAP for when at remote site.

    Have you got a Wi-Fi dongle which is not working reliably ? I have had this with an air mouse and discovered that USB3 generates RF interference in the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi range. Try moving the dongle physically away from the RasPi by using a USB extension cable.

  • Hello, I'm struggling with Wifi for my Raspberry Pi 4 on LE. I'd like to upgrade with an USB stick that can perform Wifi 5(AC). Could anyone give me a suggestion of a stick that would work?

  • With only 1 antenna on the USB stick, I doubt that you will get proper Wifi 5 speeds.

    No matter what the manufacturers advertise.

  • At least it would be helpfull which sticks or chipsets are supported. The performance is based on the given infrastructure and the build of the sticks. You can buy many sticks with 2 antennas, but I don't know if they work.