Raspberry pii 3 / 4 WiFi dongle recommendation

  • Hi, am struggling with my network so am looking for recommendations for a WiFi dongle that will work on both pii versions 3 & 4 on libre elec.

    Can anyone suggest something please?


  • Sorry, can you give more information on your problem...

    Is the built-in RasPi Wi-Fi not working ?

    Or are you wanting 2 different Wf-Fi networks ? I did this - used the built-in as a Wi-Fi client for while at home, and added a dongle to work as a WAP for when at remote site.

    Have you got a Wi-Fi dongle which is not working reliably ? I have had this with an air mouse and discovered that USB3 generates RF interference in the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi range. Try moving the dongle physically away from the RasPi by using a USB extension cable.