Location of external HDD

  • I want to migrate from an Ubuntu desktop Kodi install to LibreElec. What I would like to do to quickly import my library on LibreElec is to export to a single file, then edit the path in the resultant XML file.

    What mount point does LibreElec use for the drives? Ob my desktop, it's /media/<my-username>/<volume label>

    I know that the /media/<my-username>/ part will need to be changed, but what do I need to change it to?


  • Within Libreelec /storage/.kodi/userdata there is a sources.xml this file contains all the paths to your media.

    it'll contain something like this:


    <path pathversion="1">smb://</path>


    there will be a small bit of code like that for every share you have this is what tells Kodi where to look for your movies, TV, music etc.