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    Within Libreelec /storage/.kodi/userdata there is a sources.xml this file contains all the paths to your media.

    it'll contain something like this:


    <path pathversion="1">smb://</path>


    there will be a small bit of code like that for every share you have this is what tells Kodi where to look for your movies, TV, music etc.

    HDMI cables do not have versions, (even though stores will sell with words to that effect). The version numbers relate to the port in your TV/AMP etc. If you want to display 4K resolutions for example just make sure that the cable has the HDMI high speed logo on the packet/cable

    Just installed 9.2.3 over 9.2.2 and its fixed X265 issues I had with tearing, its also fixed the x265 OSD menu black screen and jumping issues I had :D

    everything else seems to just feel smoother.

    Im at work as well, I'll try get the log files later. It's as if when you access the on screen menu, the signal changes, I can see it dropping the DTS HD Ma track and going back to LPCM, the screen goes black, refreshes and menu reappears...when you move the curser again to the next menu option the issue repeats. Very odd..

    Just started using a Pi4b for my front end to stream movies and TV from my HP Microsever. It's fine all setup, shares found and such no issues.

    I've come across a weird thing though, if the mkv container has an x265 stream in it, when you goto the on-screen menu the film jumps about, stops, screen goes black etc... With x264 files it's absolutely fine.

    Anyone else having similar issues, is it something that can be fixed withing libre or a bug or do I just convert everything to x264 and move along 😁


    Pi4b > Yamaha rx-v681 amp > Panasonic tx-65dx750b