Amlogic S912 or rpi 4 for 4K?

  • I was recently gifted a rpi4 and I’m not entirely sure it’s an improvement over what I have. I currently use a t95k pro amlogic S912 running CoreElec. It’s kind of slow when scraping and navigating the menus. I set up the rpi4 with LibreElec and it definitely does both of those noticeably faster. Both are hardwired to a 1gb ethernet port, so I don’t believe it’s my internet speed causing this. Does one box offer more in terms of hardware decoding over the other? Basically, by switching to the rpi, am I sacrificing anything in terms of video or audio quality? For example I know the rpi4 can not hardware decode 4K h.264 but, I don’t know if the S912’s is capable. I’ve tried googling this and have gotten conflicting information.

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