US (ATSC) frequencies?

  • live in the Tampabay area of Florida USA. I have a Silicon Dust HDHR5-2US. My HTPC is running Libreelec which used TVHeadEnd 4.2.7. In general the quality of the received TV signal on the HTPC is poor. I also have a Channel Master CM7000-PAL which performs very well even when the HTPC is unwatchable. Both are feed from the same antenna and the same coax.

    My question concerns the frequencies assigned to the various muxes. For example:

    Call Name Virtual Real Band Direction Distance Mux TVH RF HDHR

    WFTS-HD abc ABC 28.1 17 UHF 188.57° 6.05 mi 491.028 488.31 491.000

    According to some information I found, RF channel 17 has:

    Lower Edge Video Carrier ASTC Pilot Audio Carrier Upper edge

    488 489.25 488.31 493.75 494

    Center frequency is 491.00, however the mux has a frequency of 491.028. In general all of the muxes are like this. Should the mux frequencies be changed to x.000?