Wetek Core and issues with audio via USB

  • I upgraded my Wetek Core to 7.90.008. May be im too noob for digital usb audio and someone would explain me.
    My amplifier with DAC (Peachtree Nova 125SE) can receive audio signal from all digital inputs included USB. LE (LibreELEC) is on Wetek Core.
    Situation is:
    a. HDMI plugged, Optical plugged, USB (asynchro) plugged to LE box (Wetek Core).
    b. In LE Settings/System/Audio i can choose three options (linked pic):
    c. All these options works (hear sound) as my Peachtree is set to Opt1 (optical). Its obvious with ALSA Default as it is optical cable. But as i choose one of 2 Peachtree's source (look on pic) in LE there is still sound.
    As i unplug USB (during playing music, Peachtree chosen) sound disappears. I plug it in again sounds appears. It looks like despite Peachtree is set to Opt1, it uses USB connection. I can set button on Peachtree to USB but there is no sound.
    My question: in case c) does USB audio path work (despite amplifierl is set to optical)?

    A bit hilarious situation (at least for me) is:
    I have connected:
    TV - optical - Peachtree
    and same time
    TV - hdmi - Wetek Core
    As i use TV i can hear sound on loudspeakers (via Peachtree). As i change source on TV remote to AV and run music using LE on Wetek Core (hdmi to TV) still there is sound in loudspeakers.
    It looks like ther is audio path: Wetek Core - hdmi - TV - optical - amplifier (Peachtree).
    My question: Is it really working audio path?

    Sorry for my propably vage questions. English is not my native language.

  • OK. Is it possible at all using LE to have sound on USB asynchro?

    It's certainly possible – I've done it for years – but currently buggy on at least some Wetek devices.