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    The only fix I've found as yet is to use a HDMI splitter and take the spdif out of that to the DAC. Both the C2's USB output or native spdif (using hifi-shield) output have clicks and pops.

    As far as I can gather it's an Amlogic kernel bug. When or if it will get fixed is anyone's guess ...


    You still didn't say whether you are using a USB DAC ...

    My problem is audio glitches only when playing music through a USB DAC, but I have a suspicion that it is limited to Amlogic devices, specifically the Wetek Hub. But until there is some confirmation from one of the devs I don't really know what's going on. Apparently there are not many people using a USB DAC - or listening to music - which I find odd since it's the only way to get audio out of a device like the Hub that has no other outputs aside from HDMI ...


    On 7.90.008 USB audio devices are back in the list and selectable without using asound.conf but the glitching is sadly still apparent when playing music.

    Here's a logfile playing a couple of tracks with the 'spdif' USB device enabled: XDGC

    Just ask if anyone needs me to test something. I'd really like to help getting this fixed ...


    On LE 7.90.007 I can select both USB-audio variants but sound only comes out of HDMI. If I add an asound.conf I can get sound out the USB but still with crackles and pops.

    Why is it that all these little black boxes can do all sorts of toytown multichannel formats that no-one ever uses but decent quality stereo is all but impossible to achieve ... ? :s

    On the Hub 7.90.006 is definitely better. On 005 USB audio didn't work at all without an asound.conf and even then playing music would crash the Hub after a few minutes.

    USB audio now works out the box. However my Cambridge dac appears twice in the device list as both 'Analog' and 'iec958'. The analog variant seems to be resampling everything to 48 kHz but the 'iec958' is passing 44.1 kHz and higher bitrates through to the dac unchanchanged. But the clicking and glitching is apparent on both variants.

    I do hear occasional audio glitches on movies but not nearly as much as with music.

    On Wetek Hub (LE 7.90.006), playing music results in constant clicking/glitching. The louder the music the louder the clicks. I'm using a USB Dac (Cambridge StreamMagic 6) for audio. No glitching with movie audio - it only happens when playing music.

    I don't get glitching playing music through HDMI, but that is clamped at 48 kHz.

    I've been trying to calibrate my TV connected to my new Wetek Hub running LE8 alpha. I seem to be missing the 'limited colour range' switch in display settings I see in other Krypton builds. Anyone know whether the Hub outputs limited (16-235) or full (0-255) colour?

    Also I was rather looking forward to using a 3dLut for calibration, but this feature doesn't seem to have made it to the Hub yet either ...


    Can you click the icon while keeping Ctrl button pressed to open it?

    If this doesn't work (you still get Not enough space on /dev/disk2 [?? MB < 548.0 MB]
    - notice the ??) then please try LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.macOS-test1.dmg with and without Ctrl button pressed.

    Holding Ctrl while clicking the icon just brings up the context menu ...

    If I then select 'open' I'm asked if I want to run the script. Once open I still get the same 'not enough space' error.

    Same with the 'test1' version.


    I think this is the relevant bit of the console output:

    default    07:11:52.433447 +0200    authd    CSSM Exception: -2147411889 CSSMERR_CL_UNKNOWN_TAG
    default    07:11:52.515827 +0200    kernel    SandboxViolation: diskutil(2682) System Policy: deny(1) file-ioctl /dev/rdisk0
    default    07:11:52.663291 +0200    kernel    SandboxViolation: diskutil(2683) System Policy: deny(1) file-ioctl /dev/rdisk1

    The actual message I see in SD-Creator is 'Not enough space on /dev/disk2 [?? MB < 548.0 MB]'.

    Output of diskutil:

    I didn't run the app with sudo but was asked for my admin password when opening the app - it's installed in the applications folder if that has any bearing on the issue.

    I also notice the SC Creator has two icons in the dock when running ...

    Hope that helps.


    Just tried to make a boot SD for the Wetek Hub with USB creator on a Mac. With both a 8 GB and 16 GB microSD I get a 'not enough space' error. Judging by the console output it was some kind of permission error. This is on a 2015 Macbook Pro 15" running MacOS Sierra beta.