How to update Squeezelite (in multimedia-tools) to latest?

  • Hi All,

    Hope I am in the right place, first post; Hi!

    I'm running Libreelec on an Rpi 4 with Hifiberry DAC to great satisfaction, exept for the Squeezelite for Kodi plugin not entirely functioning as it should.

    I'm experiencing playback issues when including the Squeezelite player from this Rpi in the synchronisation with three other Pis in the network that run updated Picoreplayer software with latest Squeezelite. Using the three PcP players synced work beautifully, but including the Kodi one is where things go wrong.

    I have done some prior investigation and am quite sure updating Squeezelite to latest version (or at least above 1.9.3) will solve my issue. I'm not a programmer, but know how to SSH into the Libreelec Pi.

    If anyone could help me out, of perhaps update the multimedia-addons package in Libreelec, that would be greatly appreciated!

    Multiroom setup (all directly connected by ethernet over the same switch):

    Rpi4 PcP with LMS and Hifiberry Amp2 - Squeezelite version v1.9.6-1206-pCP

    Rpi4 PcP with hifiberry DAC+ pro v1.9.6-1206-pCP

    Rpi Zero WH PcP with Hifiberry DAC+ zero and LAN dongle v1.9.6-1206-pCP

    Rpi4 PcP Libreelec with Hifibery DAC+ pro - Squeezelite v1.9.0-1113 -> This one gives issues

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Hi Blueribb,

    Thanks, I'm aware of that topic. My issue is the same as described on page 15 there.

    However I think the problem is in the multimedia-addon by LE, which has an old verion of Squeezelite, hence asking here first. Will ask the same question on the kodi forum though.

    Gr, Nelisknip