Using Libreelec as bridged Access point

  • Hi,

    here my solution to use Librelec as a bridged WIFI access point:

    1.Configure a static ip address, gateway for ethernet

    (my values, ip-address, gateway

    2.Enable tethered and assign a SSID name and password

    3. Add the following lines to .config/

    # create a bridge interface with name br0

    ip link add name br0 type bridge

    ip link set br0 up

    # assign eth0 to the bridge

    ip link set eth0 up

    ip link set eth0 master br0

    # move ip address to br0 (replace with your own ip address)

    ip addr del dev eth0

    ip addr add dev br0

    # make sure we have an internet gateway (replace ip address with your own)

    route add -net default gw

    # assign wlan0 to the bridge

    ip link set wlan0 master br0