Enabling getty on a Virtual Terminal (VT)

  • Hello,

    I am trying to enable a virtual terminal on a libreelec master image (PROJECT=NXP DEVICE=iMX6 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=cubox-q make image).

    ALT+CTRL+F3 does not work.

    The kernel seems to provide tty0..63.

    But I neither find a getty systemd service not a getty binary.

    Can anybody tell how to get this done?



  • I don't think getting a virtual terminal window on most embedded builds is possible without some serious changes to LE at a core level in how it interacts with the Linux kernel because once Kodi pulls the system up and is the controlling app switching terminals or windows becomes a different thing then the simpler jeos model LE and its spin-offs used.

    I can't speak for all the various platforms that LE builds for but most embedded ones that i have looked at they all seem to be hindered with the same issue.

    Someone correct me if i am wrong tho.

    The usual suggestion if you need a terminal is to ssh into the device.

    That being said i will say from my own experiences in trying to get working/switchable terminals or windows it took some serious rethinking and understanding of how LE works within the JEOS manner to make the alterations and it was something never posted publicly as it it really breaks the ideology of LE which would not be fair to all its developers and their good work.