Getting the Most out of my Wetek Play 2

  • Hi there,

    For a long time I had a Raspberry Pi 3 with Kodi. When I got a 4K TV I got back to my Wetek Play 2. I ditched it because I did not like it with the stock Android TV. I installed the LibreELEC built with Kodi 17.

    Since I am using it more I wonder if I already get the most out of my Kodi experience. Therefore I have these questions:

    • My TV (Sony TV with Android TV) has a DVB-S2 tuner built in. My Wetek Play 2 comes with DVB-S2 built in. I rarely watch TV. But do I get some advantages when I run TV via my Wetek Play? Are there tutorials to configure it?
    • I run an old version. Should I get the current version or is there a new one vor Wetek Play 2 on the horizon for which I should wait for?
    • I plan on turning my Pi 3 into a Retropie machine. I already saw that there are some gaming capabilities for LibreELEC Kodi. What will have the better performance my Pi 3B or the Wetek Play 2? I really want to have a clean user interface and I scraped all my games and even did manual entries for some hacks. Does the gaming function integrate in the UI of the Kodi theme? I do not want to start another launcher.
    • What controllers can I use?
    • Can I play other Linux games with that device? I have many Indie Games in my Steam library and also DRM free Linux Editions from Humble Bundle. Can I play them on the device? How can I integrate them?
    • I have a Nextcloud server at home. Is there a good Addon for my Picture library so I can have slideshows etc?
    • When I google for must have Addons I only found ones for Streaming movies. Are there other Must have Addons?
    • Which is the best theme in your opinion?