Usb Flash

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    Recently I started facing a very weird problem with libreelec, the problem is that when I click to the usb source on videos/picture/music tabs it pops up an error saying that "remote share: path not found or invalid" but on file manager I can view , transfer and manage files correctly. The usb is exfat formatted and is 128gb , i have like 5 usbs with the same format and the same storage and all of them working fine in all ports of the Raspberry pi 4b 8GB ram that i use the libreelec on. I formatted again yesterday to see if it would fix the problem but nope. The usb is working fine on any devices like pc, tv other media players and ps4. I also tried adding a source by accessing root/var/media and then the usb but I can only access this path only through the file manager and whwn i click on it on videos/pictures or music tabs when i click it it doesn't open, so I don't think its the usb problems and all the usb ports of the Raspberry is working fine. I am using libreelec 9.2.4 and before 1 week this usb was working fine but before like 4 days this error popped up. I would appreciate any help in solving this issue, thanks to all people that read this thread.