Slice remote issues when on pi4

  • Hi All,

    I have just built a new Pi4 4Gb booting LibreELEC from a SSD, all seems to be working well (once I realised I was using the "wrong" HDMI = no sound).

    I recently set up a Harmony Elite remote to work with my Slice (and its dongle) and that again works well.

    The issue is when I put the Slice remote dongle into the Pi4, the Harmony remote doesnt work.

    The Slice remote does :/

    I have checked all the, what I think, are relevant settings and they all seem the same.

    Both are on LE9.2.3

    I am trying to get the Harmony remote working with the Pi4 set up, I have also tried setting up a new "Xbox 360" profile on the Harmony to see if that was the issue - without success.

    What am I missing, please?

  • Thanks very much for the response.

    I have also invested in a FLIRC and that also works well!

    Thanks again