No sound and CEC is extremely lagging on Pi4 w/LibreELEC

  • Hi All,

    I upgraded from a Pi2 w/OSMC to a Pi4 w/LibreELEC. For a TV I have a Sony Bravia KDL32 to which the Pi4 is connected via HDMI.

    When attached to my computer display sound works fine, when attached to the TV, there is only silence, no matter what sound setting I try on the TV or in Kodi.

    When I use the remote of the Sony Bravia to control Kodi via CEC, it takes up to 30 seconds before a button push is effective.

    When I reattach the old setup everything works (except that the old Pi2 isn't quite as reliable as it used to be).

    If anyone has experienced similar problems, I'd be grateful for any hint on how to fix this. Otherwise I am also grateful for any advice on how and what (LibreElec, Kodi, libCEC, ...?) to debug.

    Best regards and many thanks in advance


  • If your computer display is lower than 4k, then check your HDMI cable. Maybe CEC and sound transmission suffers due to a slow HDMI cable. Make sure your cable is HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 standard to be conform to 4K.

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