The USB-SD Creator program partitions with the "msdos" partition table type

  • This seriously limits the size of the partitions you can create. I want to use an 8TB drive, and gparted won't let me create a partition greater that 4GB in size. I need it to create a "gpt" partition table type to support larger partitions. Is there any way to do this?

  • LibreELEC uses 2 partitions:

    - A system partition formatted as FAT32

    - A data partition formatted as EXT4. And EXT4 supports up to a couple of PetaBytes... 8TB shouldn't be a problem AFAICT.

    Personally I wouldn't use a 8 TB as a 'system drive' for LibreELEC. Why not install LibreELEC onto a small USB stick and keep the 'data' separately on your 8TB HDD?