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    I'm back up and running. I was able to install a "fresh" copy of LibreElec on my USB thumbdrive that my RPi4 boots from, and all is good. :-) Kind of a pain having to reconfigure everything again. I need to research a way to backup my key KODI settings so I can quickly restore them after I rebuild. I have used a Kodi backup/restore add-in, but it backs up WAY too much and takes so long.

    I had been running an older version of LibreElec with the Leia version for a while now. It's actually running off of the USB hard drive, with no SD card at all. The same hard drive contains my KODI library.

    I just followed the instructions to update to the latest version of LibreElec and Kodi. I downloaded the file LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.95.2.img.gz and copied it (using ssh) to the /storage/.update folder. When I rebooted, it looked like it went thru the upgrade successfully, and then rebooted itself again at the end. I saw the rainbow color box, but that 's it. Nothing else but a a completely black screen (and my monitor eventually goes into power save because of no signal).

    I did notice that the screen said that it found an "incompatible config.txt file" that it copied to config.txt.old. When I look at the files (thru the ssh connection that still works), I see that it changed the gpu_mem from my old value of 320 back to 76. I don't see any other changes in that file.

    Known issue with latest Matrix build of Kodi? Any recommendations on how to recover this? Thanks much!!!

    Oh - and after a couple more reboots, even ssh no longer connects! :-(

    All you need(ed) to do is/was boot the LE image before trying to copy media to the drive. If the 32k partition contains /storage/.please_resize_me boot scripts detect it, remove the 32k partition, and a new one created at 100% size.

    I never copied media to the drive. The drive did resize, but only to the max size supported by the "msdos" partition table type. I think it needs to format the drive using the "gpt" table type instead, so it can support larger partition types.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I'm booted off of the 8TB drive, and that is the ONLY drive in the system. No SD card at all.

    Given this information, what parameters should I use for the parted resizepart command?

    When I tried rebooting with an SD card running full blown Raspbian, I tried using the gparted command. That failed, because it said the partition was too big for the "msdos" partition table. It appears that I need to convert to the "gpt" type partition table? Is that right? How do I do that and not lose the content of the drive?

    alternatively, can I do a clean install of Raspbian that takes advantage of the whole drive without having to do all this messy drive resizing afterwards? I haven't done anything with the Kodi on this yet, so nothing to lose but the time of reinstalling.

    I upgraded the firmware of my RPi4b to the 6/15 update that supports booting from USB. I then used BalenaEtcher to put the latest LibreElec image on it. The end result was a 537MB fat16 boot partition, and a 33.6MB ext4 partition that appears to be mounted as /storage.

    How can I expand "/storage" to take the entire 8TB drive instead of just a tiny chunk of it? I want it to host my entire movie collection.

    Thanks much!

    Could it be that the powerbutton.service is referencing the wrong file? The file references /storage/.config/, but there is no such file there with that name. Instead, there is gpioshutdown, which we did set to executable.

    It's definitely an issue, I think, but apparently not the only one still. After fixing and rebooting, it still simply powers down instead of gracefully shutting down.

    Well, dang. Still no joy. Hitting the IR power down button still appears to be simply yanking the power, not doing a graceful shutdown.

    The gpio command is definitely working after adding your add-on, so awesome job putting that together!

    Now it's a matter of translating the other bits into their LibreElec equivalents.

    One part I can't quite figure out is what is the LibreElec equivalent of the /etc/rc.local file that is supposed to get these three lines before the exit command that is supposedly already there:

    sudo /etc/init.d/gpioshutdown &

    gpio mode 25 out

    gpio write 25 1

    There is no /etc/rc.local file to put the commands in (yes, I realize I'd need to modify the path in the first line to /storage/.config, which is where the commands in post 3 put it). What is the LibreElec equivalent? Any ideas about that bit?

    I also added these lines to the /flash/config.txt:




    I think part of the problem of troubleshooting this is that when it fails, the power appears to be simply instantly cut off, so you can't see if it got even partway through anything.

    And thanks again!


    If this project is really about making a simple-to-use KODI media center, then support for most common remote-on-off board should somehow be possible. I'm extremely frustrated that this OS is SOOOO stripped down, I can't complete the configuration of KODI the way I need it. There should be some way for us to use apt-get.

    Going to a full-blown OS brings along so much crap that I DON'T need that it compromises the "appliance" nature of what we need. However, this OS has gone too far the other way. Please consider adding WiringPi to the image, or else add apt-get so that those of us who know a little can add the components we truly feel we need.

    Thanks much!

    There doesn't appear to be a "standard" way to install the WiringPi library, which this piece of hardware apparently requires.

    I tried downloading the files manually, but the build script uses make, which apparently isn't part of LibreElec either.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

    Surely there is a way to get this remote board working. This is all about Kodi, and Kodi needs to be able to be safely shut down via IR as well as started!

    Thanks again!

    I bought the IR PowerButton for RPI for my Raspberry PI 3 based Kodi player.

    After the hardware install, I went to configure the linux to support it and have the POWEROFF command do a graceful shutdown of the OS instead of a 'crash'.

    Here are the instructions I was given:

    As you can see, they are NOT for LibreElec. Does anyone have reliable instructions on how to get this configured properly for a LibreElec on RPI3 Kodi box?

    Thanks in advance!!!