Is there a way to use all the space on the bootable media?

  • Hi all. I have LibreElec on a 32GB card, which of course wastes the vast majority of it. Is there a way to repartition it or otherwise make all of the space available to LibreElec?


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    On first boot the 32K (K, not MB) /storage partition on the SD card is automatically expanded to fill 100% of the available space. So I guess you didn't boot the SD card yet and are looking at the 512MB boot partition.

  • Thanks! I've booted it several times. The LibreElec partition shows up (in Mac Disk Utility) as 537 MB FAT16, with 153 used. The rest of the disk shows up as a device... ah it's probably just a filesystem unknown to Mac OS.

  • Yeah, that sucks. So... there's really no convenient way to write to this thing on a Mac. I guess I'll have to use SMB. Painful.

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    There are solutions to add EXT2/3/4 support using FUSE drivers, but those are slow, so the alternative (unless you're conofident with macOS CLI partitioning commands) is to boot a Linux VM and use GParted to shrink the /storage partition to 6-8GB for Kodi data, and then create a third "Media" partition that can be exFAT and cross-platform.

  • Thanks. This is a reliable EXT module for FUSE? Maybe I'll just install Linux in a Fusion VM and use that to copy stuff.