remove auto-update from menus

  • It never works, for whatever reasons, so it is useless to have it, and only causes confusion and fasle expectations

  • The auto-update of what...? Add-ons or LibreELEC itself?

    (It's always so refreshing when people are clear in what they mean.)

    You can disable both in their respective settings.

  • He probably means that nobody on staff (e.g. the release manager) ever remembers to update the auto-update config after releasing a new version so e.g. 9.2.3 is not pushed to people (auto-update is still on 9.2.1). Hence why I want to remove that piece of infrastructure and move the logic into the settings add-on so there's nothing to (forget to) update when releases are made.

  • just saying, 9.2.3 is broken for some RPi HW versions, therefore we never activate autoupdate because it could happen you end up at an blackscreen.