Bluetooth Keyboard causes reboot

  • I have a 4GB Rpi4 running version 9.2.3, but this problem also occured on the version 9.2.1

    I have a Bluetooth keyboard Rii 8+.

    On a clean install, the keyboard works great. Everything works. Even after several reboots. But after a few days/weeks, something happens and from that point on, the keyboard doesnt work.

    When I try to delete or connecti via the menu (LibreElec -> Bluetooth), it reboots. It loads all found bluetooth devices and it identifies my keyboard as trusted (with yellow star). It also shows the mac-adress. BUt selecting any option (connect or delete) causes a reboot

    When I do a clean install, everything works again.

    Here is the crash log:

    You can see something going wrong in the logfile on this line:

    1. Jun 24 11:15:55 Kodi bluetoothd[473]: Error reading PNP_ID value: Unexpected error code

    Update: I just found out that if I wait until all bluetooth devices have been discovered and I then try to delete/connect, it works.

    Check this new logfile

    It gives a few software errors and connection errors. but after a few tries, it connects:

    1. Jun 24 11:30:50 Kodi kernel: input: BLE 4.0 Keyboard Keyboard as /devices/virtual/misc/uhid/0005:05AC:0220.0003/input/input4

    But after another reboot it doesnt auto connect :(

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  • I have done some additional testing:

    I have used a second bluetooth mouse. The same thing happens. Reboot when trying to connect

    Also I noticed, that when I wait until all bluetooth devices have been found and I connect to a bluetooth device, the sounds in the menu stop working. So just to clarify this: This is without the reboot (as mentioned in the post above).

    And the sound is connected to the TV through HDMI-cable. So it is very weird that the sounds of the menu stop working when connecting a bluetooth device, but the sound of the movie is working without a problem.

    Hope this helps.

    If you guys need any more information, just let me know.