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    Just to perfect understanding

    I have librelec 10.0.4 on RPI4 and I want to migrateur to 11.0

    I need to

    1- make a backup

    2- make a clean install of 11.0 (nexus)

    3- After New installation > go to librelec setting and install my backup

    And it will working ?

    Hello everyone For my part a lot of games also do not work and yet I have an account, the latest stable version of libreelec matrix, installed all the emulators and activated the pre-cache, but for example all the Wii games do not work (I have an error), the games on the N64 a message tells me that no emulator is available ... So that's if you can watch. Thank you

    So... i can't find any solution with software

    But it's working with hardware solution:

    Its dual bluetooth transmetter who is connected with the audio output on my RPI4 and plug in the usb port to have the power


    So ok i have now 2 headset in bluettoth to see movies ! :)


    After going around the comparisons between Noobs, Pinn, BerryBoot ... I chose PINN because there are in the LINEAGE distribution (Android) that I want to install.

    I can install Librelec & Lineage in dual boot and its working
    I can install Raspian & Librelec in dual boot and its working

    If i choose raspian & librelec & Lineage is not working :(
    The error message:
    OS: 'lineage16-rpi4' needs a partition label of 'boot" wich is not available

    Did someone happen to have multiple OS at launch including LINEAGE with PINN? Thank you
    (Im on the RPI4)


    I copy the line: echo "net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 65" > /storage/.config/sysctl.d/net.conf

    in nano /storage/.config/

    but is not working after the reboot... the TTL is 64 not 65 when i asked that in the putty console with the command:

    cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_default_ttl

    The result is 64 :(

    Any other ideas ?


    Hello Community,
    Could someone help me program a command line. I access SSH with my post and I want to modify the TTL of Librelec to change it to 65 (it is 64 by default)

    I saw that on Linux you have to type the command sysctl net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 65

    Except that at each restart it returns to 64

    I tried to modify sysctl.conf it does not work (cannot write the file) and I tried to integrate a line on (net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 65) but on restart I stay in 64. Can you please help me to make the TTL change to automatic on startup?

    Thank you !