Rotating TFT Touchscreen (MPI5001)

  • Hello,

    I am using a 5“ TFT Touchscreen (QDtech MPI5001 from Elecrow). It is plugged in via HDMI and also USB for power and touchscreen data.

    It works very well and I am quite happy. Almost - since I want to rotate the screen by 180°. This works when adding "display_rotate=2" to config.txt.

    The problem is that the touchscreen is not rotated, so I can not use the touch functionality correctly.

    There are some scripts at GitHub - goodtft/LCD-show: 2.4" 2.8"3.2" 3.5" 5.0" 7.0" TFT LCD driver for the Raspberry PI 3B+/A/A+/B/B+/PI2/ PI3/ZERO/ZERO W but they do not work with LibreElec.

    I did „libinput list-devices“ and this is the output:

    How can I edit this device? Is this even possible?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Hi

    Im using a 17" Elo Touchscreen, it does work well but my touch is slighly off, example on keyboard if i want a letter i have to touch the letter above it.

    For the bigger buttons on Etouchy screen I dont really notice too much just on smaller options its anoying

    do you think this can be fixed with code?

    Many Thanks

  • To be honest, I really do not have a clue, but take a look at this libinput: Device configuration

    Here it is explained how to make your own matrix, so something like "1 0 0 0 1 -0.1" might do the trick. You could use that as a starting point.

    Also, you need to find the name of your device, this can be done with "libinput list-devices".

    Hope this helps - I am really just stumbling along....