RPi 3B, LE 7.0.3 (RetroPie), How to enable composite output?

  • Hi.

    The kids have a Samsung 55" LED and all the hdmi inputs just died.

    I use a RPi 3B as HTPC with LE 7.0.3 (RetroPie) and i do not get the composite output to work, no image at all on the TV, do not light up the input option for composite.

    Have done some googling and searching at the forum but do not find any good answer.

    I live in Sweden so the tv might be PAL restricted.

    Chromebox Libreelec Kodi 17.6, Chromebox Libreelec Kodi 18.6, PC Windows 7 Kodi 17.6, PC Windows XP Kodi 15.2, Raspberry Pi 3 B+ RetroPie Kodi 16.1, Ugoos X2 Cube Coreelec Kodi 18.6

  • Enabling / selecting composite output is probably done via the RPi's config.txt file. This should be easily found by googling.

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    I don't think people are interested in WinXP or Kodi 15/16 anymore.