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    I have used it for a year, has worked fine but i like to update LibreELEC now, or just reset all data and settings, but cant find the way.

    Yes it was from some one foreign.

    The usbports works fine in LibreELEC.

    I have one more just like it but have not update that far.

    It was sold because it was not used any more, the owner went over to streaming.

    And the suggested the LibreELEC forum.

    Will try those commands and another older version of LibreELEC.

    I do not use the Chrome OS so i dont think HP will be mush help, only run LibreELEC.


    I bought a used Chromebox CB1-020no with LibreELEC 8.2.5 preinstalld.

    I tried to update to LibreELEC 10.0.1 and 9.97.1 but same error.

    I have used libreELEC usb creator to download the files.

    I have put the file in the update folder and after restart this error comes up.

    I have used google but i cant find any answers.

    So i tried to boot on Ubuntu via usb, but cant find the usb boot in the UEFI.

    And i cant find information on how to delete the old LibreELEC and install a new one.


    The kids have a Samsung 55" LED and all the hdmi inputs just died.

    I use a RPi 3B as HTPC with LE 7.0.3 (RetroPie) and i do not get the composite output to work, no image at all on the TV, do not light up the input option for composite.

    Have done some googling and searching at the forum but do not find any good answer.

    I live in Sweden so the tv might be PAL restricted.


    I have upgraded from Kodi 16.1 to 17.6 (LibreELEC) on my Chromebox.

    Now the library isn’t auto updating after suspended, but if I power of the update works.

    This worked on Kodi 16.1, is it just mine or is it a setting?

    Second question:

    Is there a setting to always enable subtitle on TV Shows and Movies? Now some are enabled and some not.

    I have used google to try to find the answers to my questions for some time but I can’t find them.

    If a log is needed please tell me so.


    I Hope this the right forum for my problem.

    Last week bought a used HP Chromebox CB1-020no with Libreelec 8.2.5 (Kodi 17).

    I didn't recognize the boot image, its not the same as my old HP Chrombox CB1-030no with Libreelec 7.0.3 (Kodi 16) so i looked around and found seven different hard-disk partitions on my new Chromebox, on my old one i just got two.

    So i tried a clean install with the program LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32.exe to create a usb with the file LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2.5.img.gz, no problem to create a boot disk on a 64gb USB3-stick.

    The problem starts when i try to change boot device on my new Chromebox, it says press ESC, but nothing happens, just start up Libreelec as always. Tried many times and change the USB bort of the keyboard and the usbstick but no luck.

    So the help i need is to install a standalone Libreelec 8.2.5.

    So i will post pictures av all versions and numbers that shows during boot and all the hard-disk partitions.

    I have a problem with all posters not showing. I have asked in the KODI forum but no one answer.

    I have all my media at an FTP and i have every movie in separate folder with nfo, fanart an poster.

    Folder: 101 Dalamtiner

    Files in folder:
    101 Dalamtiner.avi
    101 Dalamtiner.nfo
    101 Dalamtiner-fanart.jpg

    Text in the nfo:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <title>101 Dalmatiner</title>

    I am using the skin Aeon Nox Silvo.

    I dont get all posters to show, i guess they have the wrong aspect example 350 x 491.

    I have changed all




    as i read in another thread. First i just changed it in View_57_Shift.xml file (i use Shift Small) but nothin happend so i changed all the xml files in the skin.aeon.nox.silvo folder but nothing happens,

    Am i doing something wrong? I have tried to remove the textures13.db, clean the library och delete and add the source again.


    Is there a skin that have the option to use small posters at the bottom of the screen, small info or no info and full screen fanart as background?

    It is for my children, they can't read yet so movie inte is not used anyway. And I have made custom fanart, 48 thumbnail grid of the movie so I don't want the poster to use to much space.

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    And here is a java script that can be paste in a .bat file.

    If you got all movies in one folder you could run this and it will create a nfo that uses the the filename as title, and add duration to the nfo. And it will create a folders with the filenames names and move the movies and the nfofiles to those folders.