Update gpu-aml

  • I see that the package used by gpu-aml (gpu-aml-r6p1-01rel0-2364187.tar.xz) comes from gpu-2016-05-04-2364187a0c.tar.gz at Index of /download/ARM/gpu

    But there is a newer version (gpu-2016-08-18-fe6d7b1d1b.tar.gz). I can't find a changelog.

    In the release notes I just see this note "Update S905X,S905D,S912"

    Any one had tested this version? Should I check to compile it, test, and made a PR or not provide any benefit over the current version?

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  • Well, I'm a newbie here, but if it adds S912 SoC support for fbdev libMali.so, this could open the way to S912 box support...
    See LibreELEC

    I finally managed to download gpu-2016-08-18-fe6d7b1d1b.tar.gz (the site is slooooow) but it looks like it is the Android version of libMali.so...
    I'm trying to download arm-buildroot-2016-08-18-5aaca1b35f.tar.gz from Index of /download/ARM/filesystem atm
    EDIT 2:
    arm-buildroot-2016-08-18-5aaca1b35f.tar.gz actually contains what looks like version r6p1 of libMali.so for fbdev, located in /package/opengl/src/lib/arm64/r6p1/m450/, which is probably limited to S905 and S905x SoC... :-(

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