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    Well, I'm a newbie here, but if it adds S912 SoC support for fbdev, this could open the way to S912 box support...
    See LibreELEC

    I finally managed to download gpu-2016-08-18-fe6d7b1d1b.tar.gz (the site is slooooow) but it looks like it is the Android version of
    I'm trying to download arm-buildroot-2016-08-18-5aaca1b35f.tar.gz from Index of /download/ARM/filesystem atm
    EDIT 2:
    arm-buildroot-2016-08-18-5aaca1b35f.tar.gz actually contains what looks like version r6p1 of for fbdev, located in /package/opengl/src/lib/arm64/r6p1/m450/, which is probably limited to S905 and S905x SoC... :-(

    The only thing we don't have to get S912 working is for fbdev, like said many times before. Without it we can't render GUI. Everything else works. As soon as fbdev libs for S912 are released, there will be S912 available.

    Thank, sorry for asking a known question but I missed that part :-D

    Actually I got S912 box with Aigaile WiFi but I can at least use it to test Aigaile drivers. For now I don't need any more logs, I need to find some spare time to play with the drivers.

    Since you got an S912, can we hope in a port to this SoC anytime in the future? :D