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    Hi kszaq

    I have a Sveon SSL4420 device, that not looks like the standard S805 box. No SD, RCA output...

    I can enter in recovery mode using the update & backup tool, with a dummy but is not installing the LE bootloader.

    Any ideas? the device is just garbage with the current Android 4.4.2

    I have configured my remote to the last version but I have problems with the delay of the key press.

    It's going too fast. Navigating from the menus a single click is detected like long press.

    huge delay like

    1. ir-keytable -D 5000 -P 100

    Also not helps.

    The remote is using nec protocol.

    Any clue?

    Currently we are using several out of tree kernel drivers for realteck wifi devices.

    That cause additional work to keep the diver updated due kernel changes (usually done by milhouse ).

    For example we are using rtl8192cu driver from this repository.

    The author claims on the that the mainline rtl8xxxu driver is mature enough and the out of tree kernel is not needed anymore.

    Maybe we should remove the RTL drivers (all or just some of them) from generic and RPI images, and keep the out of tree drivers frozen, just for devices that not use mainline kernel.

    I am not talking about included libretro, this is a way to run optimised lakka retroarch alongside kodI basically

    kodi emulators, at least in the case of pcsx rearmed, are unusable...probably has something to do with why lakka s905 pcsx rearmed os over 1mb when kodi uses generic one that is around 500kb


    I have some free time to work on Libretro addons.

    Can you detail the errors that you have and the addons affected?

    Hi GDPR-2

    I see that some libretro addons not exist at Index of /libreelec/addons/9.0/S905/arm and not are on the list of broken.

    If you are interested on add more/better support I can port come code from Lakka-LibreELEC

    I have send some changes to upstream, and I have more ready to be send, but maybe will be interesting send my changes over your branch before send it to upstream (in order to test my changes over a bigger range of users, not just my own testing).


    I have modified the files, but I get and error building the emulation packages


    PROJECT=WeTek_Play ARCH=arm ./scripts/build libretro-beetle-pcfx

    I get

    automake: error: cannot open < libltdl/ No such file or directory

    Any idea about what is wrong in my build system (debian 9.1)?


    I see some project names hardcoded on emulation packages, like this

    Can I made a PR to remove the project names? or there is any reason to hardcode just that devices?

    Maybe can be replaced by some combination of target_has_feature and TARGET_ARCH

    I have fixed the issue but I don't know why,

    After click on "Defaults", into the Thoraida Addons setings and click on "update", I can install transmission.

    Kodi logs of the installation JYDG

    1. 22:05:39.541 T:4097667072 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogSelect.xml) ------
    2. 22:05:39.542 T:4097667072 DEBUG: CAddonInstaller: installing 'service.thoradia' version '8.2.9' from repository 'service.thoradia'
    3. 22:05:39.547 T:4009747360 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
    4. 22:05:39.548 T:4097667072 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x1c, sym: 0x000d, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    5. 22:05:39.568 T:4009747360 DEBUG: Unpacking zip:// to /storage/.kodi/addons/temp/55f49fff-f27e-4125-a92a-2e9dfc1b98df
    6. 22:05:39.590 T:4009747360 DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Plug-in service.thoradia has been uninstalled.'
    7. 22:05:39.624 T:4009747360 INFO: ADDON: cpluff: 'Could not read plug-in directory /usr/lib/kodi/addons: No such file or directory'

    looks like service.thoradia was downloaded, uninstalled and installed after click on update... but I already have 8.2.9 as you can see in my log from Friday. ¿why was updated if no new version was detected?

    In any case that fix my issue.

    Looking deeper on the logs form the other day,,,


    1. 20:49:12.513 T:4096872448 DEBUG: CAddonInstaller: installing 'service.transmission' version '8.1.13' from repository 'service.thoradia'

    but in the log from today I see...

    1. 22:06:18.063 T:4097667072 DEBUG: CAddonInstaller: installing 'service.transmission' version '8.2.13' from repository 'service.thoradia'
    1. NOTICE: Starting Kodi (17.5-RC1 Git:07424d3). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit
    2. NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build
    3. NOTICE: Kodi compiled Sep 22 2017 by GCC 6.2.0 for Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit version 3.14.29 (200221)
    4. NOTICE: Running on LibreELEC (community): 8.1.9 8.2, kernel: Linux ARM 64-bit version 3.14.29
    5. NOTICE: FFmpeg version/source: ffmpeg-3.1-kodi

    Wow! What a mix! How beta is it?

    Last beta from kszaq

    Is more or less aligned with 8.2 branch. About the "mix"... S905 is a 64b cpu but the image is a 32b.

    I have a strange error using Thoraida Add-ons 8.1.9

    I have uninstalled Transmission in order to solve the openssl error after upgrade to last beta.

    But now after click on Transmission->install nothing happens.

    In the logs I can't see anything relevant

    Last lines are:

    1. 20:49:11.073 T:4096872448 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogAddonInfo.xml) ------
    2. 20:49:12.265 T:4096872448 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x1c, sym: 0x000d, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    3. 20:49:12.509 T:4096872448 DEBUG: OnKey: return (0xf00d) pressed, action is Select
    4. 20:49:12.513 T:4096872448 DEBUG: CAddonInstaller: installing 'service.transmission' version '8.1.13' from repository 'service.thoradia'
    5. 20:49:12.517 T:4096872448 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x1c, sym: 0x000d, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    6. 20:49:12.733 T:4096872448 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogAddonInfo.xml) ------
    7. 20:49:12.735 T:4096872448 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x1c, sym: 0x000d, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0

    Any Idea? the full log are at IYGV


    I have a USB3.0 to SATA that works fine on my laptop

    lsub show it as:

    1. Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1f75:0621 Innostor Technology Corporation 

    Everything looks fine on dmesg and the unit is mounted.

    But it not works on S905 Libreelec 8.0.2

    lsusb not show the device?

    1. Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
    2. Bus 001 Device 002: ID 05e3:0608 Genesys Logic, Inc. Hub
    3. Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

    And dmesg show some error

    This error can be solved?