Building LibreELEC with local packages not stored remotely?

  • chewitt


    Do you know how you could build LibreELEC but with a local package with changes that were zipped

    instead of it downloading it from a remote site?

    Eg. I want to quickly test with local changes I make to the Linux kernel without first making patches or downloading/reuploading the whole kernel to Github to test a small change.

    Later when it has a desired effect, then I can make patches. at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

  • It's not possible to build from local source folders, it's just not how the build-system was designed to work. I use the following script to automate the process of generating a patch-set from the committed changes beyond a specific githash that typically corresponds to a release tag. This way I can tweak things like device-trees in a kernel branch, commit the changes, then swap to another terminal window where I run the script to update the patches, and then I respin the image with changes. This is probably as-fast as fidddling with sources, and forces me to commit/squash and rebase changes in a more structured way. See: