NUC8, Thunderbolt 3 and HD audio passthrough

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a Thunderbolt 3 (USB C) -> HDMI cable/adaptor that supports HD audio passthrough in Linux/Libreelec?

    For a while I couldn't understand why I was only able to get HD audio out of the NUC's thunderbolt 3 port within Windows until I stumbled upon this thread: Intel NUC8i3BEH Audio Issue

    Unfortunately the product link in that thread no longer work, does anyone have any others they know that work?

    I have tried Anker USB C -> HDMI (Only works in windows), and recently tried the Club 3D adapator which annoyingly also doesn't work (I don't know if I should be reaching out to them to see if theres a firmware update?).

    Surprising, I randomly tried my iPad's USB C to HDMI adapator and that kind of worked, but the audio had slight interference.

    Potentially this might work?

    Limited Display Modes/No Sound Cable Matters USB C to HDMI Adapter (USB-C to HDMI Adapter) Supporting 4K 60Hz in Black - Thunderbolt 3 Port Compatible for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 13, 15 and More: Computers & Accessories

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  • Is anybody able to explain why this seems to be so flaky?

    I tried starting and stopping a dts-hd file 20 times to see how often I got passthrough sound, results:

    Club adaptor: 0%
    Anker cable: 5%
    Apple adaptor: 40%

    Why is it like this? Drivers? EDID?

    I somehow don’t think getting a specific adaptor is going to help is it?

    Is this an intel problem? It works 100% of the time with all adaptors in windows.

    Is it even worth me trying a different build, e.g a Milhouse build?