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  • Hi. Just found out about LibreElec several days ago. I wanted to know as far as picture quality is concerned when playing 1080p videos does it matter whether you use the onboard gpu of say a Braswell Nuc vs using a card like a GTX 760? I have spare pc parts (z97,Celeron 180, and a evga 760) as well a Braswell NUC5CPHY. Is one going to produce better picture quality on either a 1080p or 4k tv?

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    You're comparing hardware that is quite wide apart IMO.

    GTX760 cannot output 4K or HEVC for starters, but video processing might be similar. A big PC will draw much more electricity, approx 80-90 Watts.
    The Braswell NUC is 4K and HEVC capable, and is more suited for HTPC videos at 10-15 Watts. Video processing is okay, but of course, also your TV must have a sufficiently capable display.

  • Not too worried about power draw. For now the only movies I'm concerned with are standard blu ray movies(no HEVC or native 4k content for now) Lets say a Skylake Nuc vs a custom build with a gtx 1050. If i set the pc/nuc to output at 1920x1080 and have the display do the upscaling would a gtx 1050 have any advantage over onboard graphics on standard blu ray content?(1920x1080)