Kodi upscaling - which method to apply?

  • Hello,

    I do have a Samsung 4K TV which is able to do the upscaling itself and Intel NUC8 i3 with Kodi.

    Most of my videos are 1080p and I've observed some of them are 'soft' - therefore 2 questions:

    - should I setup in Kodi to max resolution which is 4k @ 30 Hz and let Kodi to do the upscaling? In this case, which settings/filter should I choose for crisp/sharp video ?

    from photography I know that Bicubic is the best but isn't selected by default

    - or should I let the Kodi on 'auto resolution' and let the TV to do the upscaling?


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  • The best solution is to experiment and see which works best for your eyeballs and media collection.

  • OK, thanks, I will look into that.

    Also I figure out that I have the issue mentioned here: 4K 60HZ Intel NUC8i3

    In System - Video there is no 60 fps option, only 29.96, 25 or 30 fps it appears.

    I do have an 4k 60hz HDMI 2.0 capable cable attached to my TV input.