WETEK Play 2 nand install

  • Hi

    I have been using libreelec om my Wetwk play 2, never used the original software

    how can I install the latest version of liberelec to the nand, ( I use fast SD bu it will be faster is I install it to nand )

    which is the latest version that I can install to nand and how to do it,

    please someone answer


  • The latest version is LE 9.0.2, but I wouldn't recommend installing to internal emmc as this will complicate future upgrade to our mainline kernel images (still work in progress, but with most of the basics now done). Despite the hype, the performance difference with a resonable SD card is not significant. It's noticeable if you use older slower SD cards and older slower hardware.

  • Thanks for the info

    any ETA on new build there is for almost any other device except for WETEK, I use it since it has SAT tuner