Video not playing on nightly Lafrite build

  • Hello,

    completely new to this and I got a LaFrite as a christmas gift so I thought I'd try to put LibreELEC on it.

    I grabbed the nightly 20200324_lafrite image and loaded it up.

    I everything seems to work ok up until I try to play a video then it seems to not want to play it.

    Wanted to make sure it wasnt the video so I repurposed one of my rpi's with the latest stable for rpi1 and that seems to play fine.

    Wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or advice on this as I do not have much low level OS building exp.



    attached is the mediaInfo of just one of the videos I was trying to play

    Let me know if any other info would be useful, would be happy to share.

    Thank you for your time/effort.


    • mediaInfo.txt

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  • Video playback is still "work in progress" on the mainline kernel but MPEG4 video should be software decoded anyway which should negate that.

    Please share a Kodi debug log file (current one is not debug), and upload a sample of the file somewhere so I can download and see first hand. You can remove the file after it's been downloaded.

  • Hey chewitt,

    Thank you for the info, that is good to know that its still WIP.

    I think this log should have debug enabled, sorry about that:

    When running it again to grab the debug log, the video actually got a couple frames in then froze permanently.


    That is the video I am testing.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


  • It played fine on an S905 device (WeTek Hub) for me. I will dig LaFrite out of a box and test S805X after work later, but I wouldn't expect there to be any fundamental differences.

  • Oh interesting. Maybe it's an issue with my USB then.

    I'll try with a different USB and create the image using the libre USB creator instead of Ubuntu startup disk creator.

    Update (a bit of a long one):

    Tried a older usb using libre usb creator. Loaded only my test video, and it worked!

    Loaded a bunch of other videos, then the problem came back.

    Removed all the videos I just added, working again. (side note, that made me think i could go back to my other usb by removing all videos but my test one, this did not work)

    Started loading in videos one by one (thinking a specific file was the problem), and it seems like this workflow kept LE working the whole time!

    side note on how I'm loading videos - pluggin in the usb to my laptop and copying files into the STORAGE->videos area

    Since this little project is only for my son to watch his small library of videos, this will work for me :)

    I am curious though why my copying over a bunch of videos would make it falter in playing while copying over one file to then launch LE to test it would have it work.

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  • FWIW .. I was playing the file from an NAS (SMB) device in the network using the low-spec on-board WiFi of the Hub. I'm not aware of any issues with USB read/write performance on Amlogic SoC's but I also never/rarely use local media with any low-power ARM devices; not because they're inherently bad, but because I swap between 20+ devices on a regular basis so everything's in a central place in the network to make that easier.