RPi 4: How can I read the kodi.log file from a Windows or Ubuntu laptop

  • Hi,

    My Raspberry Pi 4 running LibreELEC 9.2.1 is having a hard time connecting to my home wifi network. I've enabled logging and I would like to read the kodi.log file to understand what the issue is.

    I've tried extracting the Pi's SD card and reading it with my dual boot laptop. Both Windows and Ubuntu Linux have failed to identify the type of filesystem it's using.

    Is there some way that I can get Windows or Ubuntu to mount the SD card so I can read the kodi.log file on my laptop?



  • Ubuntu will be able to read the SD card. You need to look on the 2nd partition labelled STORAGE. Go to /storage/.kodi.temp and you will find the log file there.

    Otherwise (Assuming you don't have an internet connection on the RPi4) download the zip from Here and install it. Or from the addons if you do.

    If you do have access to the network, use SSH and access it that way.

  • Thank you. I've given it another go and now as soon as I plug my card reader into the laptop, Ubuntu recognizes it and mounts it automagically.No idea why I had such a hard time when I first tried it.