AC3 passthrough on LE 9.2.x, RPi4

  • Hi all,

    I'm wondering if AC3 passthrough is working on LibreElec 9.2.1 on Raspberry Pi 4?

    I am on LE 9.2.1 and tried 9.2.0 as well

    I use tinyToshlink to connect optically to my Sony hometheater amplifyer (STR DB-930).

    Actually DTS passthrough works fine. and the amplifier recognises AC3 coded link and displays "dolby digital" but there is no sound/voice/noise at all.

    Is there anyone who has any experience on similar config?


  • I see. :( Thank you.

    Is there informatuon abot support of other formats? Is it scheduled?

    In what recent LE release was other than PCM supported?

    Best Regards

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    "What you see is what you get" (today). I wouldn't expect any further changes/enhancements in the LE 9.2 codebase (first to support RPi4) as all the audio development is focussed on newer kernels and the codebase that will eventually become LE10. The goal is pass-through and high-bitrate support, but it's an entirely new SoC so everything has to be figured out from scratch without much prior-art or documentation to follow.

  • Thank you, I understand and am hapy to hear abot JE 10.

    To sum up the pronlem is known and needs to be patient until next major release.

    Best Regards

  • Just to avoid confusion for anyone who stumbles onto this thread:

    This only applies to the analog/optical audio passthrough!

    EAC3/DTS passthrough with HDMI works.